EEC eliminates Cityworks learning curves for cities, agencies, and utilities. With EEC's wealth of experience and wide range of services at their disposal, our clients are able to focus on their mission and not servers and databases. Come explore what EEC can do for you!

Expert Consulting
Get it right the first time

Our diverse team doesn't just understand technology; we understand the business of local government and utilities. So you can spend less time explaining and more time getting things done.

Expert Partnerships

Go Mobile
Without going insane

Get Cityworks out in the field and in the hands of your staff, the people who know your system. With EEC's expert services, your mobility project will roll out seamlessly and hit the ground running.

Cityworks in Vactor Truck

Managed Deployments
Let us handle the heavy lifting

Whether your want your data in your own cloud, the Cityworks cloud, the ArcGIS cloud, or no cloud at all, EEC can manage the transition, security, and maintenance. You can rest assured your data is safe and your servers are running smoothly.

Cloud Lockdown

Cityworks Plugins
Just plug and play. No XML coding required.

Don't settle for just getting close to your needs. Make Cityworks your own with our affordable packaged plugins. Check out our gallery below. Have an idea for something you don't see below? Let us build it without breaking the budget.


Quality Assurance

Save time by running checks on your work orders and service requests as data is entered (not just when closing). Best of all, it's open source and completely free!

Get it on GitHub »


Field-Friendly UI

Take Cityworks Server out to the field without losing any functionality with our field-friendly user interface overhaul. Bigger text and buttons and a slimmed down interface so easy to use your office staff will want it too.


Task Tools

Using tasks in Cityworks can be a click-intensive endeavor. With tools like "Mark All Tasks Complete" and one-click check-offs, the Task Tools plugin makes using tasks as easy as checking off your grocery list.


UI Strip-Down

Take control of your user interface with the UI Strip-Down plugin. Completely change the look and feel of any page with just a few configuration tweaks. No XML required!


Enhanced Labor Entry

Do you need more flexibility over your labor entry than what ELM provides out of the box? This plugin gives complete control and makes data entry a breeze.



Silverlight starting to annoy you? Replace the Silverlight map with the new Cityworks HTML5 map today with this quick plugin.

Coming soon...

Here's some of the plugins that are currently in the works. See something you like? Let us know so we can be sure to incorporate your needs in our development!



Labor entry review is made much easier with this timesheet module. View and edit all the labor entries for an employee's work week in one central location.



Go beyond just cycling work orders and make scheduling preventative maintenance easy and strategic. This plugin prioritizes assets by when they were last worked on so you can geographically distribute PM work orders.


Labor Timer

Start and stop a simple timer right on your work order screen to log your labor (and your crew's) in real-time.

EEC does lots of other things too!
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